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This website is dedicated to the Mechanical Horse and the associated vehicles that were responsible for the local delivery of goods carried by the 'Big Four' railway companies (later British Railways) and a wide variety of private industries.

The concept of the Mechanical Horse and easily detached articulated trailer was first introduced in the early 1930's and for the next 30 years it proved to be highly successful and irreplacable. However, by the late 1960's British Railways, the principal users of the vehicles, were changing the way they handled their goods traffic and because of the heavier weights involved greater use was made of trailers fitted with the fifth wheel coupling. Some four wheel tractor units fitted with the Scammell automatic coupling continued to be used for a further ten years but new regulations relating to braking requirements meant it was the end of the road for the three wheeled Mechanical Horse. Some were retained as yard shunters but the vast majority had a one-way ticket to the breakers yard.

Around 30,000 Mechanical Horses were produced but of those only 30 original Mechanical Horses, 60 Scarabs and 30 Townsman models are known to survive, along with 3 Karrier Cobs and 2 Jen Tugs.


Fancy a Mechanical Horse with a difference? Currently for sale is a French-built FAR Mechanical Horse - the photo below is the actual vehicle for sale. The vehicle is located in France and the price is 6,000 Euros, delivery to the UK can be arranged for a further 1,000 Euros. If you'd like further details please contact the club via email


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